120x120x38mm      主要技术参数      Main Specification


Input Voltage

Input Power Air Flow Wind Pressure Speed Noise Weight
(Model) AC&DC (W) (CFM) (mm-H2o) (RPM) (dB) (g)

DC voltage range:20-260V

AC voltage range:85-260V

9 110 6.95 2800 40 350
VD1238HS 9 110 6.95 2800 40 350
Our company has developed a new product: wide voltage AC&DC Axial fan.The fan adopts modern technology integrated circuit to replace the traditional circuit.It is a technological revolution in the axial flow fan industry . Not only to enhance the technical performance index of fan, but also to achieve the good effects of energy saving and environmental protection.

Comparison between new products and conventional axial fan


wide voltage AC&DC Axial fan


conventional axial fan


Input power (W)



Air Flow(CFM)






Rated (V)


DC voltage range:20-260V

AC voltage range:85-260V


Single mode of power supply


Safety performance

1 .With the over voltage ,over current protection and over temperature automatic protection;

2. If the fan is locked rotor,it will not burn the fan.It can cancel the instruction of locking and also has the function of self starting function ;

3. PBT high strength frame, eliminate the problem of leakage of insulation .


1 Over voltage, over current, fan blocking ,one of it will burn the fan.

2 Using the metal frame, it will be very prone to leakage of insulation


Sum up:

1. new products can be adapted to a variety of power supply mode, to meet the needs of customers on different fan voltage

2 .Low energy, high efficiency, power consumption is 50% of conventional fan , but the volume increased by 20%

3 .Better protection performance

4. The appearance and installation dimensions of the fan meet the international standards. The application, maintain and management will be more convenient.